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Gardening ideas

Jonathan and I have been trying to figure out what to do with the front yard. I have a plan to make a butterfly garden in the back, something like this:

But we really haven’t been able to come up with something until….last night!! Better Homes and Gardens just updated their website, and they showcased several different landscaping ideas (it’s much easier to navigate, check it out here). I think this looks so pretty:

We will have to adjust it a little for our front yard, but I think this is good inspiration! I love all of the trees! The plan gives you freedom to customize it with the plants that you enjoy. Here’s some of the plants I think I’ll use:

Jane Magnolia, 10′-15′

Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree, 30′-40′

Scarlet Red Maple, 40′-60′

Dwarf Gala Apple Tree, 10′-15′

Dwarf Burbank Plum Tree, 15′-20′

I found lots of trees to order on this site. I’ve never ordered trees from the internet before, but it’s gotten several good reviews, so I think I might try it!

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