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Time for something new…

Hello all!

Lately I have been trying to come up with new ideas for this little corner of cyberspace. There are a million things that I could do…work my way through a cookbook (channeling some Julie and Julia), working my way through all of my food pins on Pinterest and my favorites list, expanding my blog into crafts or gardening, and the list goes on and on. I have finally settled on something a little more feasible with my grueling work schedule, as well as something that will be fun for my hubby and me.

So here it is: after being inspired by Not Without Salt‘s “Dating my husband” series, I have decided to do something similar. My husband and I have always wanted to travel, but since we are young and poor, world travel isn’t exactly feasible at the moment. As a way to ease the pain of being very much grounded where we are, I’m going to feature themed date nights of food from around the world once a month. This will be a fun experience for both of us by not only trying new flavors, but also different recipes that normally wouldn’t show up on the weekly menu.

I’m going to ease into this by not going too crazy. I’m definitely thinking German. Several years ago when I actually did have the amazing opportunity to go to Europe, I thoroughly enjoyed German cuisine, but I have never tried to cook it in my own kitchen. So, on the menu for next week (hopefully, work schedule permitting) will be Chicken Schnitzel, German-style green beans, German cucumber salad, German plum cake for dessert, and Erdbeerbowle or strawberry punch to drink.

I hope that you are as excited as I am for this new series and the adventure of trying new global recipes!

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