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Thursday Trends

Brass is back

Brass is back!

But it’s not your mom’s brass from the 90s. Think gorgeous, satiny luster. Think industrial, but warmer than the cool metal tones we’ve been seeing. It’s the “poor man’s gold.” Which for this girl on a budget, is music to the ears! I for one am beyond excited and can’t wait to start using it in my house. It seems to pair best with cool or neon colors. Think contrast.

What do you think of this new trend? Is it time for brass to have it’s moment again, or too soon?

1. Hammered Brass Plates, $40
2. Natural Brass Light Pendant, $195
3. Vintage Brass Table Lamp, $325
4. Libations Bar Cart, $599
5. Lily Candleholders, $24 – $29
6. Antique Brass Curio Case, $58

Weekly Faves


This kitchen, these flowers, these tea mugs, and this embroidered fox.

Foggy night after the rain

Just thought that I would share a photo with all of you! I took this as soon as I got back from work. I love shots of fog….there’s something so mysterious and ethereal about them. This is my first time shooting fog with my Nikon that I got back in August, and I thought it turned out pretty good! Thoughts?

2012 Calendar for download!

If any of you are looking for a new calendar for the new year, I hope you will download this one that I made for you! Just follow the link and you can download if for free. This is my new years gift to all of my wonderful readers! Happy New Year!!


(These are all made to fit into a CD jewel case to make it the perfect desk calendar. You should be able to easily print it out on your personal printer, or take it to a print shop. Enjoy!)

a pinterest christmas

A few things I found on pinterest and the web for Christmas inspiration….

A pesky little caterpillar

Photos from my new Nikon!